My names Rachel and ive been living with cystic fibrosis everyday of my 22 years.
"its hard to fight when the fights not fair"

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Ever have one of those days where you think “huh….I wonder if this is why some people do meth.”

Stages Of Starting A New Show On Netflix


The Initial Discovery Of The Show


In A State Of Pure Bliss As You Breeze Through The First Season


Realizing That All You Have Been Doing Is Watching The Show


You Are Three Seasons In Within A Single Week


You Know You Are Too Far Gone

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Man I’m just having one of those lives where everything seems to go wrong, maybe the next one will be better.

I just realized my text thread with grubhub goes back further than most of the actual people i talk to…..

the love i get from this 1 little puppy in one hour beats the love i get from anyone else all day long <3

i have just now gotten internet back on my laptop so i have returned to the tumblr world!! its been months and months too long!! sorry for all the unanswered messages and notes i wasnt ignoring anyone!! apologies!

i am not my favorite persons favorite person.

but maybe one day….

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